What Lodging REIT’s Will Airbnb Destroy First?

REIT Airbnb impact
Airbnb is a disruptive force of nature. With room nights booked growing over a 100% each year, it is only a matter of time before hotel properties start to truly feel the impact. The question is no longer IF Airbnb will disrupt hotel profitability, but WHO is going to feel the brunt of the impact the quickest. In a recent report Airdna co-authored with Bank of America / Merrill Lynch, all lodging REIT's were ranked by their exposure to the threat of Airbnb based on the location of their hotel...

Leveraging Airbnb to Grow the Overall Tourism Market

short-term rental tourism growth
Airdna empowers Direct Marketing Organizations - DMOs - to know exactly where their Airbnb guests are coming from with its' powerful new dashboard. This serves as a great proxy for the overall origin of visitors. We examine the Los Angeles market to see exactly where visitors are coming from and how often they return. Airbnb has exceeded just about everyone's expectations. In eight short years they've gone from renting out a single air mattress in a San Francisco apartment to accommodating over...

The Six Steps of Airbnb Property Investing

See how Airdna's tools can help deliver incredible returns on Airbnb investing, with our top-to-bottom guide to picking out 39% IRR / 31% cash-on-cash return investments. Airbnb investing is delivering great returns across the world. A whole new asset class is emerging that is delivering stable long-term cash flows whilst building equity in real estate. Returns of 40+% are common. Airdna's Investment Explorer provides the data on locating the most lucrative short-term rental markets, but know...

Airbnb Hosts Cash in on the Republican and Democratic National Conventions

The Republican and Democratic National Conventions are going to be held in held in Cleveland and Philadelphia in the coming weeks and although most residents aren't thrilled by the candidates, many of them are excited to make some extra income using Airbnb. Airdna has done a quick analysis of the two cities to see how supply of vacation rentals and the pricing of those units have been impacted by the conventions Airbnb in Cleveland The median asking price for an entire home Airbnb renta...

Case Study: Target the Perfect Short-term Rental Investment

home targeting
Six years ago, a friend told David Malka, co-founder and CEO of Odyssey Vacations, about his Airbnb listing. David’s friend was paying $1400 per month for a long term lease on a Los Angeles apartment. He was placing the property on Airbnb and earning $4,500 in short-term rental income. David’s friend was tripling his long term rental cost. He described the rate of return as “insane.” Not long after this conversation, David partnered up with his friend. They leased a couple of Los Angel...

Airbnb Investment Explorer – Discover Profitable Rental Markets

Investing in short-term rentals
 Savvy real estate investors have realized the massive opportunity that Airbnb has created for investments in short-term rental properties. According to the national association of realtors, 1.13 million people bought a home in the U.S. last year with the intention of renting it out at least part time. With Airbnb travel demand growing 100+% each year, the opportunity to grow a portfolio of short-term rentals has never been greater. However, picking the right rental property and being able to a...

Is Airbnb Legal? The Best and Worst Cities For Short-Term Rentals

what cities is Airbnb legal or illegal
It’s never been easier to embark on a career as a vacation rental manager. You don’t need to create a website, set up a payment system, or pay for marketing. Platforms like Airbnb take care of these things for you. As the barriers to entry have come down, people from all walks of life have transformed their homes, second homes, and real estate investments into rental properties. In 2015, Airdna identified a total of 550,000 Airbnb listings in the Unites States that were listed on the site at ...

2015 in Review – Airbnb Data for the USA

Airbnb travel trends
With so much bad Airbnb data circulating the web this past year, Airdna has decided to look back upon 2015 to set the record straight and tell the true Airbnb story. Airdna has been analyzing the short-term rental market for two years and tracks the performance of over 2 million Airbnb rentals worldwide. This collection of data has been published by the most respected Wall St banks, lodging industry consultants, & news outlets. Airdna has taken its vast repository of Airbnb information to...

Exciting Announcements from the Airbnb Open

airbnb open summary announcements
Airdna has rolled over to the Airbnb Open in Paris to report to our loyal readers what the future portends for Airbnb Hosts. The Airbnb Open is a gathering of 6,000 of the most dedicated hosts in the world (dedicated in that they footed the bill to go to Paris and attend!). With over 100 nationalities represented from diverse spots such as Uzbekistan, Mongolia and Greenland, there is certainly a lot of clapping and cheering love for Airbnb. The first day was opened by the Deputy Mayor of P...

Are Hotels Marching into their World War 1?

airbnb effect on hotels
The Airbnb Data Show They Could Annihilate Hotels In July 1914, Europe basked in a glorious summer with a backdrop of the most prosperous, wealthiest time the continent had ever seen. A crown prince had been assassinated in Sarajevo, but all but the diplomatic services of Europe paid it little heed. As everyone knows, out of this cloudless sky came, what Arthur Conan Doyle called, “the most terrible August in the history of the world”. Is it July 1914 for the Hotel Industry? Every metric o...