AirDNA CEO Scott Shatford Joins Board of Advisors at Domio

AirDNA founder and CEO Scott Shatford has joined the board of advisors for Domio, along with Chairman of Real Estate at Greenhill & Co Richard Lieb. Domio is a tech-enabled hospitality company professionalizing the travel rental market. Offering "the comfort of a home and the confidence of a hotel," Domio handpicks its properties for quality and location and offers its guests curated interior design and a personalized service. "We're happy to welcome Richard and Scott to the Domio Advi... More

The Best Places to Buy a Vacation Rental Home 2018

As Airbnb and private accommodations have become a firm fixture in the worlds of travel and hospitality, increasing numbers of investors are taking advantage of opportunities presented by the vacation rental real estate market. AirDNA tracks the daily performance of over 10 million short-term rentals in 80,000 markets globally on Airbnb and HomeAway to produce some of the industry’s most powerful tools used to analyze, optimize and invest in short-term vacation rentals. Building on our rep... More

Easy-to-Use Real Estate Investment Analytics

The MarketMinder product that you know and love has gotten a facelift. Now it's even easier to use MarketMinder's real estate investment analytics to price your vacation rentals effectively, evaluate the competition in your market, analyze the performance of local top properties, and find lucrative properties in which to invest. Minimum and Maximum Data on Overview Metrics While you have always been able to see the most recent month's average daily date (ADR), occupancy, and revenue metrics... More
Camels in the Egyptian desert

A New Golden Age: The Rise of Vacation Rentals in Egypt

Egypt's tourism industry is experiencing a New Golden Age.  Several years of political unrest and a wave of terrorist attacks affected not just government stability and local communities, but had the damaging knock-on effect of putting off visitors to the area. The Egyptian government’s attempts to revive tourism, which has involved reducing taxes, upping security at airports, and launching the Wahashtouna campaign in the Arabian Gulf - translated as “We Have Missed You” in Arabic - are begin... More
Thinking Airbnb? Onthehouse Partnership

How Much Revenue Can You Make in Australia?

While AirDNA featured an Australian treehouse as one of Airbnb hottest rentals earlier this year and released an in-depth analysis on the best cities to buy vacation home rental properties, we haven't spent a lot of time focusing on short-term rentals in Australian markets. That's changing today. We are excited to announce that we've partnered with the Zillow of Australia, Onthehouse, a CoreLogic company, to bring the power of Rentalizer to the Australian market.   Australian Market ... More

Data provider AirDNA sends cease and desist letter to NYC Comptroller

Industry-leading short-term rental data provider AirDNA has sent a cease and desist letter to the New York City Comptroller’s office regarding a report released last Thursday, May 3rd, 2018 on the grounds of misrepresentation of data and violation of AirDNA Terms of Service. The report, which looked at the impact of Airbnb on rental prices in New York City, cited AirDNA as a source. In a previous press release published on Friday May 4th, AirDNA spoke out against the Comptroller’s misinterpre... More
airbnb effect on NYC

New York City Airbnb Report on Housing Affordability is Deeply Flawed

The world’s leading provider of short-term rental data and analytics AirDNA disputes the conclusions drawn by New York City Comptroller Scott M. Stringer in a report released on Thursday, May 3rd, 2018. The report, which incorrectly interpreted AirDNA data to make assumptions on the impact of Airbnb on New York City rental prices, comes to flawed conclusions at great cost to the thousands of Airbnb hosts that rely on the platform to make ends meet. At no point did the Comptroller contact ... More
superhost comparison

What is Airbnb’s Superhost Status Really Worth?

Airbnb launched their Superhost program in 2016 to reward their most devoted hosts with a special VIP status. Beyond just a feather in the cap, Airbnb stated that hosts who achieved Superhost status would reap benefits such as improved search placement, better booking conversions, and at the end of the day, more revenue. In this post, we’ll dissect the program and provide insights into what, if any, performance lift Airbnb Superhosts receive.   Why Airbnb Launched the Superhost Program ... More

The World’s Hottest Airbnb Rentals of 2018

Unforgettable adventures are made from more than just amazing destinations. If you've ever dreamed of sleeping amongst lush trees while perched in a treehouse, retreating deep within an exotic cave’s crevasses, being the ruler of a castle, or sprawling out on your own island, Airbnb can make your dreams a reality. Airbnb rentals can enhance travel experiences; not simply be a place to toss luggage and catch a few Zzz's. From our global data, we sourced the most wish-listed treehouses, cast... More
where to buy vacation homes in the United States

Best and Worst Places to Buy Vacation Home Rental Property

AirDNA released the first data-driven analysis of the best cities to buy vacation home rental properties in 2015. Since then, that article has been a resource for over half a million aspiring Airbnb entrepreneurs. However, the short-term rental industry changes fast, and we figured it was time for a refresh of exactly where the best cities are to buy, rent and host Airbnb rental properties.   Vacation Home Investing: What's the Big Deal?   Our data models show Airbnb rentals ... More