Airbnb regulation in Santa Monica

Airbnb Regulation: How is new legislation impacting the growth of short-term rentals?

Executive Summary Berlin, Barcelona, San Francisco and Santa Monica have imposed tough regulations on Airbnb hosts and the platform, in an attempt to curb the short-term rental market. By utilizing differences-in-differences and log regression methodologies, this report analyzes to what extent this Airbnb regulation has been effective. It finds that punitive Airbnb regulation, in particular steep fines for hosts, has the most impact on Airbnb. In Berlin and Santa Monica, listings fell by 49% an... More

3 Steps to Investing in Out of State Airbnb Rental Property

Airbnb offers fantastic opportunities for people looking to invest in real estate.  With over 150 million guests making trips to 65,000 cities around the world, investing in Airbnb rentals is quickly becoming a new asset class for savvy investors. Airdna has spent the last three years helping real estate investors understand what makes the market tick in their area and how to reap the highest return on their listing. By collecting and analyzing the last three years’ worth of booking data, ... More

The Six Steps of Airbnb Property Investing

See how Airdna's tools can help deliver incredible returns on Airbnb investing, with our top-to-bottom guide to picking out 39% IRR / 31% cash-on-cash return investments. Airbnb investing is delivering great returns across the world. A whole new asset class is emerging that is delivering stable long-term cash flows whilst building equity in real estate. Returns of 40+% are common. Airdna's Investment Explorer provides the data on locating the most lucrative short-term rental markets, but know... More
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Case Study: Targeting the Perfect Vacation Rental Investment

Six years ago, a friend told David Malka, co-founder and CEO of Odyssey Vacations, about his Airbnb listing. David‚Äôs friend was paying $1400 per month for a long term lease on a Los Angeles apartment. He was placing the property on Airbnb and earning $4,500 in short-term rental income. David‚Äôs friend was tripling his long term rental cost. He described the rate of return as ‚Äúinsane.‚ÄĚ Not long after this conversation, David partnered up with his friend. They leased a couple of Los Angel... More
Investing in short-term rentals

Airbnb Investment Explorer – Discover the Most Profitable Vacation Rental Markets

 Savvy real estate investors have realized the massive opportunity that Airbnb has created for investments in short-term rental properties. According to the national association of realtors, 1.13 million people bought a home in the U.S. last year with the intention of renting it out at least part time. With Airbnb travel demand growing 100+% each year, the opportunity to grow a portfolio of short-term rentals has never been greater. However, picking the right rental property and being able to a... More
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The Best Places to Buy Airbnb Investment Property in America

We have had a HUGE volume of enquiries from folks looking for the best place to invest in Airbnb rental properties. So we are going to give it to you. We analyzed our data and have compiled what the numbers say ‚Äď the best places to buy or rent an Airbnb property in America. First, we'll look at the best rental arbitrage opportunities. ¬†Rental arbitrage is the act of renting apartment long-term and then re-renting them on a short-term basis on Airbnb. The Best Places to Invest in Vacation ren... More

The Top Performing Airbnb Properties in the USA

Customers frequently ask, "What cities is the best place to start a new Airbnb vacation rental." Every city has it's pro's and con's; regulation, seasonality, cost of ownership and so on. We thought we'd let the performance of the best properties speak for themselves. 4,500 of the nearly 300,000 active Airbnb listings in the United States made the list. The interactive map below shows where the top 1% of Airbnb properties in the USA are located. We filtered every single Airbnb listings to ide... More