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Market Minder – Empowering the Sophisticated Airbnb Entrepreneur

AirDNA is excited to announce the launch of Market Minder, a breakthrough competitive intelligence tool built to empower both beginners and seasoned Airbnb entrepreneurs worldwide with the data to make smarter decisions.

As one of the industry’s most trusted resources in short-term rental data, AirDNA has helped thousands of Airbnb hosts and entrepreneurs slice and dice the data on Airbnb occupancy, revenue and return-on-investment across the globe.

Alongside, we’ve conducted hundreds of surveys over the past 3 years to find out what stats matter most to our customers. And in response, the AirDNA tech team have designed and built a breakthrough market intelligence application that will totally replace and update our original Airbnb reports purchased by over 20,000 hosts, investors and lodging analysts – and raise the bar in the real estate and PropTech sectors.

Introducing the launch of AirDNA’s brand-new market intelligence tool >>> Market Minder

Market Minder tracks the daily performance of 3.4 million short-term rentals in over 25,000 markets around the world, displaying property-level data on an interactive map. With a fully filterable dashboard, vivid graphs and sliders, the tool is designed to be accessible to hosts that are just starting out on Airbnb and powerful enough for professional vacation rental managers. Take a closer look at its most exciting features below…


New Features of the Airbnb Market Minder 

In the past, Airbnb hosts and vacation rental managers had to depend on temperamental internal numbers and gut instinct to work out how to best run their Airbnb listing. AirDNA’s new tool Market Minder helps users make smart, data-driven decisions to optimize their Airbnb listing for success and scout out up-and-coming Airbnb markets.


LA Airbnb Rental Performance

AirDNA’s new tool Market Minder: Fully interactive map dashboard


Interactive GIS Maps

Amassing together an enormous database of geographical boundaries, Market Minder is displayed on a fully interactive map dashboard. Users can filter maps by bedroom count to view competing properties in their area, or use the map interface to navigate next-door neighborhoods to compare the performance of Airbnb rentals in different parts of the city.


Currency Selector

Choose financial data to be displayed in US dollars or 44 other local currencies. We decided that as 80% of Airbnb rentals are located outside of the USA, it was time our products better reflected the global presence of Airbnb.


Market Grades

Market Grades are our first bold attempt at creating a snapshot of the most critical KPI – in one place. Bridging the gap between data and real analytics, Market Grades benchmark every area against the 2,000 largest Airbnb markets in world according to six key performance indicators. These include rental demand, revenue growth, seasonality, regulation, and investability.


vacation rental investment KPIs


Daily Travel Demand

Ever wondered how demand for short-term travel ebbs and flows from week to weekend and month to month? Our new calendar view of allows you to better understand how to adjust pricing for different days of the week and confirm what the true peak, shoulder, and low travel seasons are in your part of town.

Daily RevPAR


Booking Lead Times

You asked for it, and we delivered. Just a few short years ago vacation rentals were often booked 6-12 months in advance. Now the majority of bookings are made within six weeks of the travel date. How does this impact pricing strategies? How far in advance should your properties be booked in high season, and when is it really time to panic about vacancies these days?


Data on Every. Single. Rental.

See how every property in your market with a booking in the last year is performing in terms of occupancy, revenue and ADR. Explore property-specific data on the map, or via the Top Properties page.

Top Earning Airbnb Rentals


Coming soon… Real-time Future Demand

One of Market Minder’s most powerful features is yet to be released. This new pricing support tool will allow you to see the supply of comparable rentals and what percentage of properties are booked every day going 6 months into the future.

Expected release date for the tool’s real-time future demand feature is September 15th, 2017


Sign-up before September 1st!

Subscribe to Market Minder before September 1st and lock in your early bird pricing.  Prices for all markets will be increasing by 40% on Sept 1st. Current rates for the tool range from $9.99 to $149.99 per month, based on the number of rentals in each city. With your subscription, you get full access to every section of the Market Minder tool along with monthly updates.