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The Best Places to Buy an Airbnb Investment Property in America

A huge number of folks write to us wanting to know the best places in the U.S. to invest in an Airbnb property. In this article, we do all the hard work for you. Analyzing data from millions of Airbnb rentals over the United States, we reveal what the numbers say: the best places to rent and buy real estate for Airbnb rental in America. View the latest analysis for 2017 here First, we take a look at the best rental arbitrage opportunities. Rental arbitrage is the act of renting an apartment lo... More

The Top Performing Airbnb Properties in the USA

Customers frequently ask, "What cities is the best place to start a new Airbnb vacation rental." Every city has it's pro's and con's; regulation, seasonality, cost of ownership and so on. We thought we'd let the performance of the best properties speak for themselves. 4,500 of the nearly 300,000 active Airbnb listings in the United States made the list. The interactive map below shows where the top 1% of Airbnb properties in the USA are located. We filtered every single Airbnb listings to ide... More
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The Best Airbnb Property Management Services

New management companies are emerging to assist the more than 1,000,000 new Airbnb hosts looking to improve the performance of their short-term rentals. Traditional vacation property managers have struggled to keep pace with the rapidly evolving industry. Property managers once supported their high cost, often 30%-50% of total revenue, by flouting their marketing capabilities. But the rise of sites such as Airbnb have created a one-stop shopping platform that streamlines the entire search and bo... More
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3 Powerful Airbnb Calendar Settings That No one Uses

Airbnb recently released some long overdue calendar enhancements that very few hosts are taking advantage of. Did you know you can set different minimum night stays for peak seasons, or only receive reservation requests for days in the next 6 months? While providing consulting to some large Airbnb hosts over the past month I've been shocked that very few people are properly utilizing some of these new calendar options. Wouldn't it be nice to only receive reservation requests for a week or lon... More
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5 Tips on Acing Your Airbnb Guest Communications

It’s often said that communication is key. When your Airbnb guest first reaches out to you about renting your property, the method, tone, and urgency in which communicate with them will determine whether they want to book with you or not. It’s a crucial time to show off your guest communications skills. Successful ‘rentalpreneurs’ must be and prompt, polite and people-oriented. In my life as an Airbnb rentalpreneur, I find a large portion of my day-to-day activity will be responding to incomi... More
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5 Reasons you will Lose Money using Airbnb Pricing Tips

Summer is here and Airbnb hosts around the world are scrambling to set the perfect pricing to maximize their revenue during this high-season. Just in time for the Summer rush, Airbnb launched a new "Pricing Tips" tool to help hosts better understand the travel demand in their area and the likelihood of getting booked at different price points on any day of the year. After spending hundreds of hours tweaking my pricing over the past few years, I was thrilled to finally get some pricing help.... More
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Locals Cash in on College Bowl Games with Airbnb

Residents of the 30-plus cities hosting college bowl games this year are cashing in on their homes by renting them out to traveling football fans via Airbnb. With one million listings in over 34,000 cities around the globe, Airbnb has created the largest and most trusted platform for converting your home into an instant rental property. Using Airbnb, anyone with an Internet connection can compete for the same tourist dollars that the large hotel chains fight for. The number of available Airbn... More